Dolçainers i Tabaleters

Colla Dolçainers i Tabaleters Ensembles de la Safor

The Cultural Association Ensembles of La Safor was born as a musical project in Gandia with the combination of dolçaina, percussion and metals and extend our culture traditional Valencian music, with performances by Moors and Christians.

Another of the purposes of this colla of Dolçainers i Tabaleters in La Safor is to expand the traditional Valencian culture, acting both in dansaes, cant d’estil and albaes. The performance of street with dolçaina and tabal and Albaes are those that are in demand to Dolçainers and Tabaleters Ensembles fo Safor

It is in the year 2008, in January and in the city of Gandia when initiated by Josep Miret born in Beniopa (Gandia) and Javier Escrihuela born in Tavernes Valldigna, when this colla of Dolçainers and Tabaleters in the La Safor is recorded as the Cultural Association Ensembles of La Safor | dolçaina i tabal

At present, the type of actions that we are the show of moors and Christians too  the Albaes nights, both albaes of Fallas, or festive, as wedding Albaes that so many expectations raised among those about to be married and want to give a surprise to his couple, As well as by members of the extended family that come in a day more your marry.